Around the World Catering Service is an up and coming Catering business based out of El Paso TX, started by two friends who share the same passion for the Culinary Arts. had a chance to catch up with Christopher & Santiago for a little insight on what makes them sizzle.

Chefs Christopher Morrill and Santiago Reyes, offer a truly one of a kind catering menu. Their menu is compiled of four diverse cooking styles; Latin fused cuisine, American regional cuisine, Italian cuisine, and Oriental cuisine.

Additionally, Around the World Catering Service also has a wide variety of cakes, cookies, and assorted pastries for our dessert menu. They provide a variety of Catering services from small intimate gatherings, office parties, large functions, Ice carvings, Boxed lunches, etc.. Can you share how you managed to establish yourselves as El Paso’s leading catering company within a year of launching?

Christopher & Santiago: Well, we want to thank for calling us the leading catering company in El Paso. We understand that there is a lot of competition in this industry and we would have never thought we would be/be called a leading catering company because we started so small, so it’s very humbling to be labeled as such. We pride ourselves in quality client relations so we give every client the bit of attention that they deserve because we know that every clients function is important. From the very beginning of our process we offer professionalism, offering free tastings to each client so that they can sample the menu that they have decided on so that they can assure themselves that they are getting the best food they can. We like make the hardest part of the process which is the invoicing/billing as easy as we can. To keep it short we like to think we offer a restaurant quality service away from the actual restaurant. How do you manage to use only the freshest ingredients and original and innovative recipes while making your services accessible for every budget?

Christopher & Santiago: We have close working relationship with many local vendors that provide us with quality fruits and vegetable products and without them it would be very difficult to provide the services and prices we offer. We also work with every budget so you know you’re getting the best service available.

Around-The-World-Catering-1-233x300 What are your top tips for throwing a magical and memorable quinceanera party?

Christopher & Santiago: Well we don’t really have any tips for throwing a magical and or memorable quinceanera party, but when we take a job whether it’s a quince or wedding we always make sure to keep the main person happy because it’s their party. So anything that is asked we will go 100% so we can make that party as fantastic as possible. So I guess to answer your question more specifically keeping the star of the show happy allows us to do our best to make a magical night for them. It’s extremely rare to encounter a catering company that offers such truly diverse and international menu offerings. Despite your expertise in preparing cuisines from all around the world, what are some of your favorites to cook or experiment with?

Christopher & Santiago: That’s a simple question. Our favorite cuisines to make are always the ones that are more exotic or dishes that are not commonly asked for. We feel when we do these types of meals it challenges us to be at our best so we can keep the customer happy. What inspired your decision to expand the business to including a mobile catering service that travels outside of El Paso County? Where would you like to see Around the World in 5 years’ time?

Christopher & Santiago: We didn’t really decide it just kind of happened. We got a few clients requesting our services that were not in El Paso County and we just went with it. We were actually very flattered that people that were not from the area would call on us for their caterings. In five years, we hope to expand more into a restaurant setting so that people can enjoy our food year around and not only when we have to do a function. That being said we hope that our catering services expand as well maybe like a SODEXHO or MORRISON DINING.

Around-The-World-Catering-300x169 Can you share how you’ve been increasing your efforts to become more community-minded and environmentally aware and what that means for your clients?

Christopher & Santiago: We are very community minded company we do a lot of charity work throughout El Paso at McDonald’s House, March of Dimes, Knights of Columbus and other various charities in El Paso. That’s another reason why our offices are located in a section 8 housing complex where we can show that we are not your usual catering company but that we focus on the community by living in the community. Can you talk about the significance of being nominated back to back years, 2013 and 2014 (2015 will be announced in May) for the SBA Young Entrepreneurs of the year award by the Southwest Texas Small Business Development Center Network? What has this recognition meant to you?

Christopher & Santiago: It means a lot to us because it shows that all of the hard work that we do does get recognized even though that’s not why we do this but it is flattering to know that other people are watching and seem impressed with what we are doing. We would never have thought about that until it actually happened.